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Infrastructure Repair

  • Storm drain restoration
  • Void filling/stabilizing concrete storms drains, man holes, catch basins, spills ways, outfalls, slope paving, bulk heads and revetments.
  • Void filling and stabilizing annular spaces

Culvert/ Infrastructure Repair

  • Sealing misaligned infrastructure (eliminating the need for excavation and replacement)
  • Void filling and soil stabilization of box culverts.
  • Leveling streets effected by infrastructure failures (dips, birdbaths, belly’s) (eliminating the need for concrete removal and replacement.


  • Concrete Foundation Repair
  • Concrete Foundation Raise

Product Brands Used

  • Proprietary PolyTexas High Pressure Pumping Systems, PolyTexas Engineered Exclusive Polyurethane, Hilti, Graco, Top Con, Zip Level, Husky, Snap On, Cummins, Quincy, Craftsman, Home Depot

Areas of Expertise

  • Concrete - Lifting / Leveling (pressed piers/pilings)
  • Concrete Foundation Raise
  • Concrete Foundation Repair
  • Interior Injection Foundation Lifting (eliminating the use of interior pilings/piers)
  • Positive Water Flow (correct improper drainage- parking lots, driveways etc.)

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